Hallie's Art - 'I'll water you, until you overflow with life.' See More What Parents Say - 'Thank you for all you're doing for Veto the 'Squito and allowing children to become involved.' -Gina, Indianapolis, IN Fierce Wonderings - 'I want to help the class community or help raise money for starving people. I want to become more active in peacemaking and helping people make the right choices.' -Hallie  Read More
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LOVE, HALLIE Board of Directors
LOVE, HALLIE's board helps guide and shape the foundation and its activities,
and elects members of the board.

Jaime Faye-Bean
M.J. Geier
Ted Geier
Amy Hatkoff
Seth Magalaner
Molly Martin
Rosemary Stuart

Advisory Members

Steve Addabbo
Jimmy Canarozzi
Jamie Carreiro
Cohlie Brocato
Jaslee Carayol
Alan Chabot
Peter Chao
Michael Clark
Mike Collette
Cindy Da Silva
Joey DiConcetto
Karen Diconcetto
Donna Dozier-Gordon
Alex Flores
Nancy Friedman

Mike Frueh
Eric Glover
Dan Hendrick
Hernan Hernandez
Clay Hiles
Roger Hitts
Roman Krznaric
Sofia Landon Geier
Anika Langberg
Don Lessem
Gris Lopez
Asha MacKay
Don MacLeod
Tyler Manley
Casey McPherson
Luis Miranda

Elizabeth Mitchell
Arian Moayed
David Park
Jay Piscioneri
Sibyl Santiago
Hallie Seltzer
Bharati Sethumadhavan
Martin Shapiro
Jeff Shurilla
Marta Siberio
Ty Sullivan
David Swirsky
Jeff Trachtman
Tom Toomey
Danny Weiner
Mal Woolfolk

LOVE, HALLIE is a 501(c) (3) Public Charity.