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Encourage a love of helping!

LOVE, HALLIE is an organization that helps kids help others. This foundation is named for Hallie Geier, a remarkable 11-year old who was passionate about helping others. She inspires kids everywhere to find causes and support them with the same energy and passion she had.

Given the chance, kids dive into philanthropy because of their natural energy, enthusiasm, creativity, and compassion. And when kids help out, they learn practical skills and the bigger lessons that service teaches: leadership, team building, kindness - and the powerful (and empowering!) feeling of helping others.*

Helping kids find their passion to help others

There are endless ways for kids to help out. Help them find their causes. Is it collecting money and spreading awareness about malaria, a disease that kills more than a million people in Africa each year? Or is there another cause closer to home such as an animal shelter that needs weekly dog walkers? Young philanthropists are likely to discover many causes as they dive into making a positive impact.

How to Participate

As parents and teachers, you can help your kids make positive changes. Encourage kids to start a Hallie's Angels chapter
• In your classroom
• Within another organization (i.e. Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, etc.)
• As a family

The Hallie's Angels Starter Kit gives you everything you need to get kids involved in Hallie's Angels.

If you know someone who would like to be a Hallie's Angel but not start a chapter, fill out an application.