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The Spirit of LOVE, HALLIE


The inspiration behind this website is Hallie Kassandra Geier, an energetic 11-year old who died in May 2004 after being accidentally struck by an SUV near her home in Sunnyside, Queens, New York City.

Hallie's hopes

Hallie was such a force of life-brimming with optimism and love-that her parents, Ted and Sofia, and her sisters, MJ and Nasi, wanted her ideas, enthusiasm, and hope for peace to live on. They created the LOVE, HALLIE Foundation so that others could continue to spread Hallie's optimism through their good works.


Hallie loved expressing her thoughts and ideas in creative ways. She was passionate about everything she did and was dedicated to making the world a better place. She saved money from her allowance to help children with HIV/AIDS in Africa-an issue she learned about in school.

A call to action

Hallie's many writings (she left behind more than 1,000 essays, poems, and stories) captured her positive spirit, her hopes, and her dreams. She wrote of her love and empathy for people, animals, and the natural world.


Her notebooks overflow with drawings, poems, ideas, and dreams. Every page reveals a fertile mind and giving spirit that was eager to engage the world around her. A simple inscription in her kindergarten notebook became her call to action: "People, be nice to each other. Love, Hallie."

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