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Who are Hallie's Angels? Young people can make a difference!

LOVE HALLIE's youth action division is Hallie's Angels. Each chapter is run by young people and supported by an adult advisor. And each chapter chooses how and where they want to make a positive impact.

Five reasons it rocks to be a Hallie's Angel:

1. You make a difference
2. You make friends
3. You have fun
4. You get support for your good work
5. You connect with cool people in your community and around the world

Hallie's Angels Mission (what you'll do!)

Hallie's Angels mission:

  • Find out about, volunteer for, and contribute
    to a cause that YOU care about
  • Create and run your own chapter meetings
  • Learn how to help others while having
    fun together
  • Treat other people with kindness and respect
  • Share success stories and stay in touch

Recommendations for Hallie's Angels

Ready to start a Hallie's Angels chapter? A few suggestions:

  • Have three or more members for each chapter
  • Members should range from 8 to 18 years old
  • Hold meetings every two weeks

Hallie's Angels events

Hallie's Angels organizes annual events, including: