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Love, Hallie Programs

Ways to participate in LOVE, HALLIE

LOVE, HALLIE offers many programs that help promote service to others.

Hallie's Angels

Hallie's Angels is the youth action division of LOVE, HALLIE. Read more

The Children of Agape

A talented group of orphaned, impoverished South African young people who first traveled to the United States in 2005. The Children of Agape continue to capture the hearts and spirits of their audiences, singing, dancing, and supporting the campaign against the No. 1 killer of African children: malaria.


This special event, in New York City, inspired kindness, respect, and positive action to strengthen communities and the world. The first Halliestocks were declared "Kindness Days" by the New York City Council. The third Halliestock is being planned for 2008. Read more

Hallie's Publications

LOVE, HALLIE publications include collections of Hallie's stories, poems, and words of wisdom compiled into small booklets. Read more